Saturday, February 23, 2008

To market

So after being away from the blog, the keyboard, the fabric and neat piles of Dudley all over the floor (erweeuu!)
It was time to take stock - for some up coming markets and various destinations... While I folded, punched, tied and collated. (I tell you it does take some time to put all ones little bits and pieces together..)
Miss (very soon to be 10yrs) Redhead sat the other side of the kitchen table also making things 'n' stuff.
We chatted about various things, including how Benson's electric eraser got underneath the classroom, and how her 5 day old pencil sharpener had gone missing...
Anyway she was busy making tiny weeny (i'm talking drawing pin size) choc chip (scupley) cookies, then a brown paper shopping bag, then for some reason (how + why, who knows?) she photographed it all.... Hhhhhm


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