Monday, February 25, 2008


Sometime ago (probably just after Christmas when I was looking for something to work towards...) I signed up for a swap. (Yeah that'll be nice i thought, something i don't usually work on, getting more post in return, lovely!) I picked a fairly straightforward one from the list of many options like: a matchbox decorated and filled with bunny items, 15 different papers, alphabet cards, artist trading cards, bookmarks - the list goes on.
Mine was a quote onto a postcard - mailed to 3 swap partners.
So Sunday I realised that it was just about time to post the swap off. ARERGH! (what to do? where to start? what sort of look/theme?) best get to work. I couldn't even find my desk - due to the building site.. anyway i was a bit annoyed with myself for taking on another project. (no don't use that piece, that looks overworked...) So after uncovering my box of papers i tore up bits, pasted bits, typed bits and ended up with these. (maybe they look ok, I think I quite enjoyed a frantic no-time-for-thinking-too-much task).
Stamped and off they went, hope they get to their destinations.

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Run * Skip * Jump said...

Beautiful, especially love no.3.


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