Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Questions from the desk

Oh! the blank page. While on the way home listening to today's podcast the interviewer asked "How do you get started? Do you sketch first or pick up your materials?"
"Actually, neither. I tidy" was the artist's response. BIG WOOHOO!!!!! I think i may have mentioned that before i start ( a creative project in the shed) i circulate my desk feeling like an animal marking out it's territory. Then I tidy, rearrange, sort, little bit of sweep.
So what i want to know is what do YOU do? please share - how do you begin? What works for you? Do you have steps? Do you sketch? Flick? Have ideas in your head first? I'd love to hear....


Kate said...

Clean? I'm rubbish at cleaning!
I pace a bit then scribble a bit, then chuck loads of stuff over my shoulder and then scribble some more.
If I'm really lucky I have 1m square of clean space to work in.
Music has to be so loud it makes your eardrums bleed too.
Neighbours think I'm a hoodlum.
Love your blog by the way!

Run * Skip * Jump said...

I run. Then I have a head full of ideas which I want to work on immediately so I go to the studio (front veranda!) where I clear a bit of space from the last effort and start but end up frustrated due to lack of space, so I tidy. Why don't I just do that to begin with?

yellow monday said...

I have about 20 sketch books which are about 3/4 full, with drawings which I've started but never really developed. So I often need to get them all out at once, so that I can look through to see if anything takes my fancy. But then it's so messy and chaotic, that I just get confused, and then I have to either clean up or go out.

Ironically this is why it's so nice to get a new sketchbook.

I think your little robot looks very organised and will finish a lot of projects today.

feedthedog said...

like you, i clean.
i live/work in the smallest space known to woman or beast so the place has to be clean/ organised before i can make a mess.
fabrics also inspire. just back with fresh booty from one of my fave upholstery shops, Burnt St, i'm sure you know it. their bargin bins are the best. the fabrics are now sitting side by side on my sofa, waiting to be stared at, touched, moved about for hours. i lot of stuff happens in my head, not very good at sketching ideas.

i often just print without any planning, just do it instinctively. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Run * Skip * Jump said...

What's the Burnt Street shop? Would love to hear more.... (Dora - Dick & Dora)

yellow monday said...

Hey Dudley - I've left a surprise for you on my blog...


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