Sunday, February 3, 2008

Out and about

January done, tick. I'm sorry i didn't post all week - hope that's not too disappointing coming all the way over here - then same old... But then again I'm not big on filling space just for the sake of it..
Yesterday, Miss Redhead and I ventured out to the Newtown button shop
the hedgehogs seen here are part of my purchases. They have so many wonderful things but my tips would be: make sure you are fed and watered before entering shop, if hot ask them to turn on air con, stare at each section for at least 4 minutes - gems are easy to miss. Try to limit yourself to a 'spend' figure before approaching counter. Take the object you have in mind for buttons with you!
Then, we went to the Hope Street Markets in Surry Hills. I find the first step into the place is "wow" but by the 10th step you've almost seen it all. It was a shame that some of the previous stall holders were not there. Apparently they maybe moving to a larger space next time. One of the highlights was Shelbyville's work. Now the disclosure is I do know her (but only recently!) her stuff is amazing - seen here is one of her latest "red shoe girls", Carrie. An original oil painting on collaged sewing patterns. I suspect she doesn't sleep much because her creative brain must be permanently wired into overdrive. I have to admit she reminds me of the student in class who when it was hand in project day - you'd see their effort and yours would start to to get just a tiny bit paler... just as well she's also very nice.
ps - oh I nearly forgot - the brown paper thing! It's a bit of Shelbyvile's pianola roll that I took home - but I added a bit of tree matter i picked off the ground at Martin Place. Beautiful, i thought.

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