Saturday, February 16, 2008

In the post

Friday night is even better when the postman's been. Yesterday the latest issue of mixtapezine arrived.
It's A5, it's 46 pages and it's produced in Australia. Their line is 'a zine about making time for the small things'. Something many of us believe, except when the small things all add up - you are then faced with a not so small pile. Hhhmm.
This issue includes: Growing your craft business ethically - is it viable to outsource your production? and how would you do that? Also, 10 ways to green your wallet, a crafty lady profile - which I have to say was excellent, because how happy was I when I realised I own a Christina Gordon print! It's in the kitchen, Yay! It's all in the eyes. (it's the middle, top one).

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