Friday, February 29, 2008

Yay, new thing.

Hope you've all had a great week, I'm a little ahead of myself here but can't hold it in any longer. Here's my new thing. It's Dudley's 'u sew can', make your own art card kit. Dudley has done a lovely little image, had it printed onto a crisp matte note card then VOILA! packaged it up with some lovely sourced bits for you to stitch (following the dot-to-dot) and embellish. The images on the right are what the final art card can look like.
They will be available in the next few days at Georgie Love.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Sometime ago (probably just after Christmas when I was looking for something to work towards...) I signed up for a swap. (Yeah that'll be nice i thought, something i don't usually work on, getting more post in return, lovely!) I picked a fairly straightforward one from the list of many options like: a matchbox decorated and filled with bunny items, 15 different papers, alphabet cards, artist trading cards, bookmarks - the list goes on.
Mine was a quote onto a postcard - mailed to 3 swap partners.
So Sunday I realised that it was just about time to post the swap off. ARERGH! (what to do? where to start? what sort of look/theme?) best get to work. I couldn't even find my desk - due to the building site.. anyway i was a bit annoyed with myself for taking on another project. (no don't use that piece, that looks overworked...) So after uncovering my box of papers i tore up bits, pasted bits, typed bits and ended up with these. (maybe they look ok, I think I quite enjoyed a frantic no-time-for-thinking-too-much task).
Stamped and off they went, hope they get to their destinations.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

To market

So after being away from the blog, the keyboard, the fabric and neat piles of Dudley all over the floor (erweeuu!)
It was time to take stock - for some up coming markets and various destinations... While I folded, punched, tied and collated. (I tell you it does take some time to put all ones little bits and pieces together..)
Miss (very soon to be 10yrs) Redhead sat the other side of the kitchen table also making things 'n' stuff.
We chatted about various things, including how Benson's electric eraser got underneath the classroom, and how her 5 day old pencil sharpener had gone missing...
Anyway she was busy making tiny weeny (i'm talking drawing pin size) choc chip (scupley) cookies, then a brown paper shopping bag, then for some reason (how + why, who knows?) she photographed it all.... Hhhhhm

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm back, again.

Often amazing things can happen.
I was just given the opportunity to spend nearly 3 days on a retreat near Byron Bay. Here are some shots taken while I wandered the property. I experienced many tropical showers, beautifully fresh organic produce, the chance to sit still, peace and quiet, some incredible stories and yoga. Nourishment inside and out.


I did appreciate it and felt incredibly fortunate and hope that everybody can find a bit of nourishment in their lives, in some form.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The hills are alive..

Aaah, so I know it seems like only yesterday that I blogged a bit of news - but I'm off. I've been given the chance to go to a retreat near Byron Bay. yipee .... Oooommm.
So have a great week, I'm leaving the kids in Mr Dudley's capable hands. I'm leaving work in a state of organised chaos, and leaving Dudley Inc with small piles everywhere.
Bring on the solitude, silence and serenity.
Let's hope my naval doesn't have to much fluff in it (if there's gazing involved).
Namaste folks.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wow award

While i was away from the qwerty (keyboard) and not feeling quirky I was tagged (twice) by Yellow Monday and Feed the Dog.
Wow. That is fab, but also tricky because where do I go from there?

So this is how it works...
The "You make my day-Award":

1. I write a post with links to 5 blogs that make my day. (it's going to have to be 4, or my children won't get dinner)
2. I acknowledge the post of the award giver. (yep, click on the names above).
3. Tell the award winners that they've been chosen by commenting on their blogs (hope they don't mind).
4. (optional) display the award with a link to the blog (nuh, Thunder here is my version).

Hhmm. I would've included the two that tagged me but failing that.. I would give my 'you make my day' (or Thunder's Wow Power Award) to:
Shelbyville - because her pursuit of creativity is inspiring. She's great on detail and is always up to something.

Dick and Dora
- because I just found them! They do beautiful things with acrylic. Birds fly on their website.

Betty Jo - because anyone who does that with lino is obviously amazing.

Craftsanity - because if someone can make commuting ok for a while they deserve an award and Jennifer certainly deserves it!

In the post

Friday night is even better when the postman's been. Yesterday the latest issue of mixtapezine arrived.
It's A5, it's 46 pages and it's produced in Australia. Their line is 'a zine about making time for the small things'. Something many of us believe, except when the small things all add up - you are then faced with a not so small pile. Hhhmm.
This issue includes: Growing your craft business ethically - is it viable to outsource your production? and how would you do that? Also, 10 ways to green your wallet, a crafty lady profile - which I have to say was excellent, because how happy was I when I realised I own a Christina Gordon print! It's in the kitchen, Yay! It's all in the eyes. (it's the middle, top one).

Shameless self promo

Meet Sooty the super cat. He appeared a few posts back. I liked him. I wanted him as a print on proper art paper.
I can't afford a printer. Boo hoo I know.
I found someone to print a handful. Great! But pricing is a tricky thing isn't it. By the time I'd paid them i thought no-one's going to pay that..
So now I wonder if it was worth it.
He is available here.

As I was walking through the woods today...

Well the other day, I came across Dick & Dora. They're a lovely pair from Hobart, Tasmania. They remind me of the Dick and Jane books of my childhood - well actually in the 70's it was Tim and ?? ... ANYWAY! they might sound retro but their stuff is way cool. AND they're websites are very professional.
Australia is a bit far away, let's face it - so it's always a joy to discover more crafty/arty folks that inhabit here!
I've got my eye on this piece...

Dudley is back.

Hello! Thank you to those who left messages for me.
I was just a bit overwhelmed with work, the head cold, the room and a quick birthday celebration. So i do have a bit to catch up on, hope that's ok.

My desk was temporarily relocated, very smoothly (well done to Mr Redhead). The frame has gone up and a couple of windows are in position.
ps. I apologise for the breathing in nature of this format - i'm really not loving trying to work out the html business. I want nice margins and breathing space... I need more help...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


allo everoneb. unfortunabely my nose is a little blocked andquite runny. work is pretty busy and everything for the 'room' is about to be packed up. (including my desk)...
so I may be a few days away.. but I will have some interesting things to say when I'm more vertical and not so CHHHHHOO! snivelly. nite nite.
x Dudley

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Questions from the desk

Oh! the blank page. While on the way home listening to today's podcast the interviewer asked "How do you get started? Do you sketch first or pick up your materials?"
"Actually, neither. I tidy" was the artist's response. BIG WOOHOO!!!!! I think i may have mentioned that before i start ( a creative project in the shed) i circulate my desk feeling like an animal marking out it's territory. Then I tidy, rearrange, sort, little bit of sweep.
So what i want to know is what do YOU do? please share - how do you begin? What works for you? Do you have steps? Do you sketch? Flick? Have ideas in your head first? I'd love to hear....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

wet, but far from wild

So Sunday at home, that's not an aboriginal painting - but the floor of the new room being rained on. the white lines are sealer paint. I'm trying to work through the list of projects - but next week is the altered book swap. So have been tackling that, oh the pressure!

Pictured here was the last swap I did - the book was a teeny wenny Spanish-English dictionary (about 40cm in height) and my alteration was the definition of bull and bull fight.. that went relatively smoothly - today's is a 1960's cookery book. I think the book itself is a bit overwhelming - so many possibilities - it's difficult to know where to begin. Anyway I've thrashed (mentally, only) some ideas around and can now move on..
the page will be posted later .. when the book has moved on.
ps - track back for my original book alteration

Out and about

January done, tick. I'm sorry i didn't post all week - hope that's not too disappointing coming all the way over here - then same old... But then again I'm not big on filling space just for the sake of it..
Yesterday, Miss Redhead and I ventured out to the Newtown button shop
the hedgehogs seen here are part of my purchases. They have so many wonderful things but my tips would be: make sure you are fed and watered before entering shop, if hot ask them to turn on air con, stare at each section for at least 4 minutes - gems are easy to miss. Try to limit yourself to a 'spend' figure before approaching counter. Take the object you have in mind for buttons with you!
Then, we went to the Hope Street Markets in Surry Hills. I find the first step into the place is "wow" but by the 10th step you've almost seen it all. It was a shame that some of the previous stall holders were not there. Apparently they maybe moving to a larger space next time. One of the highlights was Shelbyville's work. Now the disclosure is I do know her (but only recently!) her stuff is amazing - seen here is one of her latest "red shoe girls", Carrie. An original oil painting on collaged sewing patterns. I suspect she doesn't sleep much because her creative brain must be permanently wired into overdrive. I have to admit she reminds me of the student in class who when it was hand in project day - you'd see their effort and yours would start to to get just a tiny bit paler... just as well she's also very nice.
ps - oh I nearly forgot - the brown paper thing! It's a bit of Shelbyvile's pianola roll that I took home - but I added a bit of tree matter i picked off the ground at Martin Place. Beautiful, i thought.


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