Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yay - new thing

Oh - so apologies for having a sudden attack of the blog posts. Earlier I felt like my head was going to explode. BUT luckily I had a fantastic Wahu (inflatable boogie board) experience this afternoon. The water was ideal temperature, clear with some perfect sized waves - enough for a thrill not too much to churn you up.
ok so not relevant at all.


finally is my new stationery pack, it takes awhile for all the printed bits to arrive.
It's my Etsy and madeit shops now.
Oh - I'm thinking of doing art prints of this 'curious bird' what do you think? On crisp white art paper or slightly off white?


Hanna said...

I vote for white, because it's nice and crisp :) Where do you get your printing done? Online or local? because it looks really good.

cindy said...

White for me, too. Love the new print.

Betty Jo said...

Gorgeous birdy design.
I'm still up for a swap if you are!
Liz @ Betty Jo designs

tiel said...

Oh I like these too. you can't go wrong with white. But I'm looking a buff/cream/caramel type stock right now. are you using a local printer? Offset?


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