Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sea these creatures...

I'm not sure if it's Aquarian fever (meaning my birthday is around the corner), or if it's a sudden 'support handmade' or if it's 'man this new office is miles from any cool stuff'. But for whatever reason I have had a few Etsy purchases arrive in my mailbox. Yesterday my tin lobster beastie from Kuber became my latest addition! How gorgeous is it? And goes nicely with my fish (from a Wellington craft fair a few years ago).
Emily (Kuber) lives in Brisbane. Her work includes animals cut out of tin, letters cut out of plaster and baskets made out of paper and wire. Inspired by recycling, her items often have had a previous life before being made into their current form!
You may have to check her sold items and convo her to snap these critters up.

These kind of things are the real finds on Etsy, they remind me of the treasures you might find in little shops off the beaten track when having those enchanted getaways .. when you don't have to book annual leave, where you don't have to worry what the kids will do + eat and if you can afford to leave the house!
This getaway only took 30mins and I got to sleep in my own bed.
ps thanks to feed the dog for showing me the way to kuber

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