Sunday, January 20, 2008

rain, rain ... gone away

So it feels like many hours have passed since I was last here. Sorry it hasn't been worth you checking back - nothing much is happening. Well apart from working full time etc.... It has rained for a few days - but finally we did manage a walk to check out the new boardwalk which goes along the beach at Curl Curl (in Sydney's Northern beaches). Don't you love rocks, wood and some coastal planting? My camera sucked it's lens in after 2 shots (despite having changed the batteries) so lucky Miss Redhead is a blogger in the making - that's me waving.
I found myself in bed with the Craft Inc book on Friday night - falling into a wee nap - only to wake up with some ideas an hour later, (not based on the books content). I had to make notes, I wanted to begin - not sleep. But I don't trust my creativity at that time...
So I have spent a few hours this weekend on a new project (how frustrating is it to see that giant imaginary hourglass have its' sand running out.. ) just a few more hours please! but you'll have to wait...

Things I absorbed from last week's podcasts:
1) That it's perfectly normal to have several projects going at once
2) It's totally acceptable to work in different mediums.
3) It's normal to stay in quite a bit.
4) There's a lot of people who work with sculpey/polymer clay!
5) That in America they must have really good craft stores.

Have a great week - I'll try and be back soon.


Kloth & Bolt said...

Curl curl is our beach, I am such a huge fan of the new board walk. I read your blog often. Do you live in Curly? -kb

yellow monday said...

Thanks for summarising the podcasts. I must say it's all a big relief. I'm normal after all!

Only thing is I haven't tried sculpy - that's obviously going to be the way forward.


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