Sunday, January 27, 2008

flat out

It's been another hot and humid weekend in Sydney. Look at Elvie flat out, exhausted. Then they just wanted to go out. They haven't been allowed out yet. They did have the netted in balcony (now removed) - but perhaps when the fences are finished we may have to let them explore the outdoors. It's a tough decision the 'better quality of life' vs "what if they get hurt" argument.
Anyway then they saw fabric and were interested in dangly bits of thread.
As I made this:
I just wanted to experiment with similar tones and exposed seams. I wasn't sure about this eye or a smaller grey one. I made it for a friends birthday - she has a very stylish neutral interior - I hope this fits in and she doesn't need to bring it out if I'm visiting!


Sally said...

It looks fab, not need to hide that love away!

tiel said...

great birds and the fabric is so good. it is good to be restrictive, always a winner I say.


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