Sunday, January 13, 2008

The first week that was...

So the first week back to work after the summer/Christmas holidays. Who would've thought that 5 days could feel like 10! What got me through the week was those podcasts - kindly mentioned in my comments. Two in particular - Craftcast and Craftypod
It was like turning on a secret world - walking the same way to the office (part of my everyday walk above) but hearing about craft blogs, doing things with buttons, felting bags, what to do with 'craft overload', being surrounded by unfinished projects... It made me feel normal - well at least part of a community that behave in a similar way. Altho it did make me feel like I've been slacking off.. so I'm trying to take a step back and decide how to approach the next few weeks creatively. (in between working 5 days, being a mother, wife and living with a small building project).

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