Sunday, January 13, 2008


Yesterday was a write-off as far as actually creating anything went. The humidity is really 'baking' everyday and can be a bit draining. There were chores to be done. Then Master Redhead and I managed a swim - with me trying to explain frog legs. BUT the kids both went on sleepovers and we went out. Amazing. It felt so weird that when we went to order a drink and food I found myself asking for advice and explaining that we haven't been out for a while. (Altho it is months, not years and I don't think we look like aliens). After dinner we saw "Into the Wild" Sean Penn's movie. It was just the thing. Nature, philosophy, soul searching - a truly remarkable story - a must see.
Oh - so then I struggled with wanting to go to an art market this morning - but thought then I'll come home all inspired and have no time... dilemma! So I went to the 'shed' instead. I seem to end up working in quite a small desk space. I find it very therapeutic to begin with painting/making backgrounds or printing simple shapes. It makes me feel like an animal sniffing and marking out my territory. I found myself messing around with cat shapes. I cut out this from a sheet of thin foam. Coated it with PVA glue (to make it non stick + slightly water resistant). Then I rolled on the ink. Later after 14 aisles of supermarket I scanned it in and ended up here:


marianne said...

love this kitty...and by the way you're most welcome to borrow my issues of cloth paper scissors! Will be in touch to organise to drop them off to you soon!

Sally said...

I love it! Please let me know if you ever sell prints of it through etsy.

feedthedog said...

soooo lovely.
such character. divine.
you should definitely make it a print

yellow monday said...

Love this kitty-cat! She's beautiful!


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