Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas present

So Mr Redhead didn't follow the 'buy handmade' path - BUT that's ok, because I'm now the happy owner of a nano i think it's a reconditioned 1st generation model. (which means good price but with all the functions). Sooo I can now load up with my podcasts! Yay! listen to interesting people raving on about interesting things ... I'm sure there must be crafty types podcasting???? anyone know? So of course then I had to make a nano case. I made 2 more of these at the same time - so they will be in my Etsy + Madeit shops soonish. The clip is handy. Also as Mr Redhead pointed out I can have a mini photo album of my crafty things or inspiration, so when people say 'what is it you do?' I can bore them with pics. Cool.


veronica darling said...

Or make them envious of your creations!

I love that you have a shed for your work! I'm working out of the dining slash lounge room at present, and dreaming of a new house!

Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

Oh there are so many interesting crafty podcasters - where to start!! Try - - - - That should keep you busy for starters!! Have fun. I love listening to crafty podcasts while I work.

Cass said...

Hi delurking but I have just noticed someone else mentioned this site Good luck

SadieandLance said...

Hey cute pouch. Have fun with the podcasts! There's so many I can't keep up with all my subscriptions.

Shelbyville said...

Love the cute nano pouch - I think it's great how you so decisively make these little goodies!
Thanks Michelle for the heads-up on the podcasts...I'll definitely be looking in to these!


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