Saturday, January 5, 2008

Building site

Ahh - so the last 2 days have been a building site at our place. We have gone through 10 years of not being able to do much - kids, money etc. But this balcony (bottom left - was so rotted it was marked for destruction). So that's what's been happening. I think the boys are loving the 'toys'. Two dump bins have been filled (as we are replacing the fences also). The glass box bottom middle, is my home office/dining room/sewing room/homework table. However - the cats are missing their play area - we can't decide whether to let them out - as the balcony was netted in for them!
Now as night falls I have 4 x nine year olds, the 'sleepover'. After serving pizza, popcorn, fruit + snacks the kitchen is now closed. I think the dvd player is finally available... goodnight.


Shelbyville said...

Ahhh, the joy of home renovation! I have to ask - what are the giant letters from/for??

feedthedog said...

me too, very attracted to the giant letters. are you keeping/ recycling them?
that glass space looks very desirable. it will be so worth the effort


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