Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yay - new thing

Oh - so apologies for having a sudden attack of the blog posts. Earlier I felt like my head was going to explode. BUT luckily I had a fantastic Wahu (inflatable boogie board) experience this afternoon. The water was ideal temperature, clear with some perfect sized waves - enough for a thrill not too much to churn you up.
ok so not relevant at all.


finally is my new stationery pack, it takes awhile for all the printed bits to arrive.
It's my Etsy and madeit shops now.
Oh - I'm thinking of doing art prints of this 'curious bird' what do you think? On crisp white art paper or slightly off white?

Post box

I have been sniffing around these wonderful little pieces of art for ages and finally I could wait no more!
Megan arrived in my life recently. Crafted by Annalaura in Melbourne, Australia. Isn't she gorgeous? Apparently she 'has a penchant for large bald men who like to go to all -you can -eat restaurants.'
I was totally amazed to see this on Annalaura's website a few days after Christmas. It was when every was blogging about taking time away from their craft (rest is good, apparently). But you know how it's comforting to see others keeping the craft moving...
Definitely worth a visit.

flat out

It's been another hot and humid weekend in Sydney. Look at Elvie flat out, exhausted. Then they just wanted to go out. They haven't been allowed out yet. They did have the netted in balcony (now removed) - but perhaps when the fences are finished we may have to let them explore the outdoors. It's a tough decision the 'better quality of life' vs "what if they get hurt" argument.
Anyway then they saw fabric and were interested in dangly bits of thread.
As I made this:
I just wanted to experiment with similar tones and exposed seams. I wasn't sure about this eye or a smaller grey one. I made it for a friends birthday - she has a very stylish neutral interior - I hope this fits in and she doesn't need to bring it out if I'm visiting!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How cool

Must not purchase ... Must not purchase ... Must not purchase ...
BUT how cool is this? IT combines several of my favourite themes:
nature, clocks, 2D +3D and GREEN!

From a newish place called supermarket where designers sell their stuff. I warn you - you may be a while in there..
In fact, there's some aisles I need to check out now..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sea these creatures...

I'm not sure if it's Aquarian fever (meaning my birthday is around the corner), or if it's a sudden 'support handmade' or if it's 'man this new office is miles from any cool stuff'. But for whatever reason I have had a few Etsy purchases arrive in my mailbox. Yesterday my tin lobster beastie from Kuber became my latest addition! How gorgeous is it? And goes nicely with my fish (from a Wellington craft fair a few years ago).
Emily (Kuber) lives in Brisbane. Her work includes animals cut out of tin, letters cut out of plaster and baskets made out of paper and wire. Inspired by recycling, her items often have had a previous life before being made into their current form!
You may have to check her sold items and convo her to snap these critters up.

These kind of things are the real finds on Etsy, they remind me of the treasures you might find in little shops off the beaten track when having those enchanted getaways .. when you don't have to book annual leave, where you don't have to worry what the kids will do + eat and if you can afford to leave the house!
This getaway only took 30mins and I got to sleep in my own bed.
ps thanks to feed the dog for showing me the way to kuber

Sunday, January 20, 2008

rain, rain ... gone away

So it feels like many hours have passed since I was last here. Sorry it hasn't been worth you checking back - nothing much is happening. Well apart from working full time etc.... It has rained for a few days - but finally we did manage a walk to check out the new boardwalk which goes along the beach at Curl Curl (in Sydney's Northern beaches). Don't you love rocks, wood and some coastal planting? My camera sucked it's lens in after 2 shots (despite having changed the batteries) so lucky Miss Redhead is a blogger in the making - that's me waving.
I found myself in bed with the Craft Inc book on Friday night - falling into a wee nap - only to wake up with some ideas an hour later, (not based on the books content). I had to make notes, I wanted to begin - not sleep. But I don't trust my creativity at that time...
So I have spent a few hours this weekend on a new project (how frustrating is it to see that giant imaginary hourglass have its' sand running out.. ) just a few more hours please! but you'll have to wait...

Things I absorbed from last week's podcasts:
1) That it's perfectly normal to have several projects going at once
2) It's totally acceptable to work in different mediums.
3) It's normal to stay in quite a bit.
4) There's a lot of people who work with sculpey/polymer clay!
5) That in America they must have really good craft stores.

Have a great week - I'll try and be back soon.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Yesterday was a write-off as far as actually creating anything went. The humidity is really 'baking' everyday and can be a bit draining. There were chores to be done. Then Master Redhead and I managed a swim - with me trying to explain frog legs. BUT the kids both went on sleepovers and we went out. Amazing. It felt so weird that when we went to order a drink and food I found myself asking for advice and explaining that we haven't been out for a while. (Altho it is months, not years and I don't think we look like aliens). After dinner we saw "Into the Wild" Sean Penn's movie. It was just the thing. Nature, philosophy, soul searching - a truly remarkable story - a must see.
Oh - so then I struggled with wanting to go to an art market this morning - but thought then I'll come home all inspired and have no time... dilemma! So I went to the 'shed' instead. I seem to end up working in quite a small desk space. I find it very therapeutic to begin with painting/making backgrounds or printing simple shapes. It makes me feel like an animal sniffing and marking out my territory. I found myself messing around with cat shapes. I cut out this from a sheet of thin foam. Coated it with PVA glue (to make it non stick + slightly water resistant). Then I rolled on the ink. Later after 14 aisles of supermarket I scanned it in and ended up here:

The first week that was...

So the first week back to work after the summer/Christmas holidays. Who would've thought that 5 days could feel like 10! What got me through the week was those podcasts - kindly mentioned in my comments. Two in particular - Craftcast and Craftypod
It was like turning on a secret world - walking the same way to the office (part of my everyday walk above) but hearing about craft blogs, doing things with buttons, felting bags, what to do with 'craft overload', being surrounded by unfinished projects... It made me feel normal - well at least part of a community that behave in a similar way. Altho it did make me feel like I've been slacking off.. so I'm trying to take a step back and decide how to approach the next few weeks creatively. (in between working 5 days, being a mother, wife and living with a small building project).

Monday, January 7, 2008

Domestic seen

So it was back on the bus, back to work today. BUT thanks for the tips on the crafty podcasts! Not only great to hear that you're not the only one who lives a certain way - but just inspiring and personal- stuff you want to listen to and are interested in - right there!
While I was at work and the building site continued Miss Redhead was busy sketching our kitchen (that's herself at the bench, while I'm the one with big hair getting out the cat food from under the kitchen bench..)
I love the perspective and detail - including the 3 tiered baskets on the bench and the coffee machine. That's Elvie right at the bowl with Marmie next to me to see if the offerings improve. Happy Monday - whatever you're up to.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Building site

Ahh - so the last 2 days have been a building site at our place. We have gone through 10 years of not being able to do much - kids, money etc. But this balcony (bottom left - was so rotted it was marked for destruction). So that's what's been happening. I think the boys are loving the 'toys'. Two dump bins have been filled (as we are replacing the fences also). The glass box bottom middle, is my home office/dining room/sewing room/homework table. However - the cats are missing their play area - we can't decide whether to let them out - as the balcony was netted in for them!
Now as night falls I have 4 x nine year olds, the 'sleepover'. After serving pizza, popcorn, fruit + snacks the kitchen is now closed. I think the dvd player is finally available... goodnight.

Christmas present

So Mr Redhead didn't follow the 'buy handmade' path - BUT that's ok, because I'm now the happy owner of a nano i think it's a reconditioned 1st generation model. (which means good price but with all the functions). Sooo I can now load up with my podcasts! Yay! listen to interesting people raving on about interesting things ... I'm sure there must be crafty types podcasting???? anyone know? So of course then I had to make a nano case. I made 2 more of these at the same time - so they will be in my Etsy + Madeit shops soonish. The clip is handy. Also as Mr Redhead pointed out I can have a mini photo album of my crafty things or inspiration, so when people say 'what is it you do?' I can bore them with pics. Cool.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Georgie Love, indeed.

The other day I was feeling a bit lack lustre and found myself in the shed painting nothing in particular. Then I remembered the lovely ( I say this because her genuine enthusiasm really personalizes her site). Sally at Georgie Love had asked me if I would do a postcard for her. Georgie is her dog who features on her blog and delightful website, (which has a unique selection of handmade things and a profile on who made them).
I was quite pleased with how it turned out. Now i need another idea..

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and happy holidays! I've just got a few more days before going back to work. Summer holidays mean sleep ins, morning fruit salads, easy days with a little bit of art, design + craft. We've also been trying to do some work to the garden and will be demolishing our old balcony and fence in the next few days.
I'm nearly up to my 100th post. Which makes me think - please say hello! Particularly if you haven't before - I would really appreciate it.


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