Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sew your own, go on!

So I really must get away from this computer, BUT i had to tell you about this. On the recent Brisbane trip I picked up this cool little pack at the G.O.M.A shop. I was sold on the retro style fabric. Anyway a couple of days ago I finally got time to make my 'Miss Buttons'. Viola! I had to make a sister (the one on the left) at the same time ( a Christmas gift for a friend). Miss Buttons is the awesome 'why didn't I think of that idea' from Angela at Sew your own. She has sourced all the bits, made a great pattern and packaged it all up very nicely thank you. Her website also lets you join the Miss Buttons community by posting your creation in to the virtual album. Just a fab idea all round. Even the fact she is missing arms is still kind of ok.

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