Sunday, December 16, 2007

Roll again, Santa

So before there was more rain in Sydney today there was present swapping. It's great to have met some new friends via this internet/craft/blogging community. Great for several reasons but for me after having gone through various courses, jobs, mothers group and the playground it's nice to meet people who share/understand what you are 'into'. Also handy to meet someone else who loves to organise or suggest. So her suggestion was to bring a present, number it, roll the dice - then tah-dah! present is given to person with that number. Excellent. Seated on rugs (umbrellas ready) in the park - the cafe across the road delivering our delights. Kinda weird when several cameras were drawn at once to capture what I assume is a potential blogging moment.. but then those are the very electronic threads that connect us...


Betty Jo said...

That sounds a lovely idea for the Sydney bloggers.I luuuve swapping.
If ever you feel the urge to do a little swap I would love something from Dudley Redhead... (like a charlie dog whom I adore)
xxx Liz @ Betty Jo designs

tiel said...

merry Christmas tara.thank you for your card, it was a lovely surprise. And hey, look I finally got clued up with my blogger comments so I can now drop by more often.


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