Sunday, December 9, 2007

Let the silly season begin

So its' started. My Christmas shopping. Shame the magic doesn't extend to an instant (optional expanding) storage facility also. Where did I put it? What did I get? Where's that list? The kids decorated the tree, I sat back and watched. The carols were going - it was great watching them 'own' it. Miss Redhead (age 9) also designed her Christmas cards - great when your mum provides photoshop and a wacom (drawing) tablet). The cats were transported into her scene above.
Today I had a rare moment of feeling like the afternoon was a holiday. I think it was the mid afternoon trip to the beach - catching a few waves on the inflatable wahu (seriously an awesome cheap thrill). Then the beach was closed due to a strong rip. So we got a movie and early fish and chips. I have to say an early dinner left 2 hours of reading in the late afternoon and freedom from that relentless crafting! aaaaah. But what about those almost finished brooches?...

1 comment:

glorydaze said...

The cat christmas card is so cute, your daughter is very talented. My 10 year old girl loves the wacom too.


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