Saturday, December 22, 2007

Getting cosy.

So yes, it has been a quiet week or so blogging wise, all those things to do and prepare. Like being at the shops last night - rounding up the non-perishables. Great at first - heaps of car spaces, short queues. Then a glance at my watch 9.43pm - am I totally nuts?
Anyway, before that, I was stitching this little cute thing. I 'outsourced' yes, purchased a knitted cosy then added these beads and felt flowers. A good combo and a little quicker than me casting on. Another gift sorted.


Jason said...


Thanks for the comment...Japan is great! It really is! Yesterday I spent the day in Tokyo with some friends. We went to 'Midtown', a new shopping area to see the Christmas lights there. They were amazing! I will miss seeing those cool things!

SadieandLance said...

Now that's a clever idea for this time of year.


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