Saturday, December 1, 2007

Etsy buy and show

Remember how much I love getting post - especially when it's for me? Well look what arrived this week! I had to pop out this afternoon to fill their heads with gorgeous little succulents.
I found the ceramic planters at the lovely Clayflowers shop: Plants on the Brain on Etsy. They are unique, hand-painted antique ceramic doll head planters. The planters are moulded from French, German, English and American antique dolls. Each pot comes with drain holes and is perfect for a small plant.
They are just exquisite don't you think?


marianne said...

I really have to stop reading your blog...It's costing me a fortune!First the bag and now I want these planters!

Sally said...

Oh good lordy, I LOVE these! I...uh... think I may be copycat-ing you!

Betty Jo said...

Oops, I now seem to be copy cating the copy cat!
But I really fancied those planters, and just had to say so.
I also lurve your little Charlie pup.
I'll need to drop some hints for christmas....


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