Sunday, December 30, 2007

Illustration Friday: Soar

I haven't had chance to post anything for Illustration Friday's weekly challenges for quite some time. But since I'm on my holiday i found myself back at the paint (for a little while anyway). This image I thought was pretty obvious - but i couldn't go past it. I like the feel (altho I don't know if it's my style???) but i think i should go back and fix his arm. It's difficult to 'soar' with short pudgy arms - but i think his forearm needs more fluff....

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Getting cosy.

So yes, it has been a quiet week or so blogging wise, all those things to do and prepare. Like being at the shops last night - rounding up the non-perishables. Great at first - heaps of car spaces, short queues. Then a glance at my watch 9.43pm - am I totally nuts?
Anyway, before that, I was stitching this little cute thing. I 'outsourced' yes, purchased a knitted cosy then added these beads and felt flowers. A good combo and a little quicker than me casting on. Another gift sorted.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Roll again, Santa

So before there was more rain in Sydney today there was present swapping. It's great to have met some new friends via this internet/craft/blogging community. Great for several reasons but for me after having gone through various courses, jobs, mothers group and the playground it's nice to meet people who share/understand what you are 'into'. Also handy to meet someone else who loves to organise or suggest. So her suggestion was to bring a present, number it, roll the dice - then tah-dah! present is given to person with that number. Excellent. Seated on rugs (umbrellas ready) in the park - the cafe across the road delivering our delights. Kinda weird when several cameras were drawn at once to capture what I assume is a potential blogging moment.. but then those are the very electronic threads that connect us...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Let the silly season begin

So its' started. My Christmas shopping. Shame the magic doesn't extend to an instant (optional expanding) storage facility also. Where did I put it? What did I get? Where's that list? The kids decorated the tree, I sat back and watched. The carols were going - it was great watching them 'own' it. Miss Redhead (age 9) also designed her Christmas cards - great when your mum provides photoshop and a wacom (drawing) tablet). The cats were transported into her scene above.
Today I had a rare moment of feeling like the afternoon was a holiday. I think it was the mid afternoon trip to the beach - catching a few waves on the inflatable wahu (seriously an awesome cheap thrill). Then the beach was closed due to a strong rip. So we got a movie and early fish and chips. I have to say an early dinner left 2 hours of reading in the late afternoon and freedom from that relentless crafting! aaaaah. But what about those almost finished brooches?...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sew your own, go on!

So I really must get away from this computer, BUT i had to tell you about this. On the recent Brisbane trip I picked up this cool little pack at the G.O.M.A shop. I was sold on the retro style fabric. Anyway a couple of days ago I finally got time to make my 'Miss Buttons'. Viola! I had to make a sister (the one on the left) at the same time ( a Christmas gift for a friend). Miss Buttons is the awesome 'why didn't I think of that idea' from Angela at Sew your own. She has sourced all the bits, made a great pattern and packaged it all up very nicely thank you. Her website also lets you join the Miss Buttons community by posting your creation in to the virtual album. Just a fab idea all round. Even the fact she is missing arms is still kind of ok.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

When all your Christmas's come at once

So while I was at work Master Redhead decided he didn't like the 'candy' on offer in the advent calendar - so took it all out to put in his friends Christmas cards. (Obviously embracing recycling). meanwhile Marmalade the cat thought it a fantastic present! Miss Redhead captured it all - a blogger in the making. Hhhhm, putting up the Christmas tree will be interesting this year.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Charlie goes walkies

Sorry - had to mention him again as he now has his own badge.

Charlie is a little felt dog with tape measure ears (so he knows how far he travels..!)
This is his first outing. I stitched the little guy one night and was then inspired by him to create the picture of his first walk.
I just got the Charlie badges made this week and listed this set on Etsy today.
The notecard picks up all the texture from the original artwork and would look great framed - attach the postcard + badge to the gift and voila! Meanwhile Charlie himself is available exclusively at Georgie Love.
HHmm - what was I working on next?

Etsy buy and show

Remember how much I love getting post - especially when it's for me? Well look what arrived this week! I had to pop out this afternoon to fill their heads with gorgeous little succulents.
I found the ceramic planters at the lovely Clayflowers shop: Plants on the Brain on Etsy. They are unique, hand-painted antique ceramic doll head planters. The planters are moulded from French, German, English and American antique dolls. Each pot comes with drain holes and is perfect for a small plant.
They are just exquisite don't you think?


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