Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the trip

So Miss Redhead and I had a couple of days in Brisbane - with a side trip to Byron. Brisbane has always had a bit of a 'daggy' side to it compared to the trendy and stylish Sydney and Melbourne. But times are a changin'. It was great using the river to get into Southbank which is home to the museums, galleries and cafes. Note the bright blue skies in all these shots.

Unfortunately the highlight of the visit to GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) was the shop. Mainly due to the fact that they are madly preparing for their Warhol exhibition - opening next month - which will be massive! So minimal art on walls. Definitely check your diary.

So it was my first trip to Byron Bay - the beach even though wet, did look amazing - so clean and right there!
The shops were a little more serious and structured than I had imagined, I did find it hard to find cool stuff.
One little gem of interest was Lalo Treasures - made by a resin jeweller in Israel, bright colours but an unexpected find. The other colourful pic here is from the Flying Goolie studio who do garden sculpture using metal, I would've liked to have seen more but it seems that the idea of a separate Industrial Estate turning into an arts complex hadn't really taken off.
I think I did always carry my camera before the whole blogging thing - but it for me it really adds to the trip - as often I'm moving fairly quickly .. so it's great to have the visual memories and really enjoy it later too!

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