Monday, November 26, 2007

Show and tell

Me on Sunday morning: "yay! finally a day of creating. What should I do? Computer illo? NO, not good for rapidly increasing rsi on right hand. Sewing? Hhhm, maybe. Painting? no can't get to shed desk - too messy. Embroidery? Yeah - maybe later. So - worked on new designs that were digital. (more of those another blog). Did household chores. The final of Australian Idol loomed. Got out new AMAZING Japanese embroidery book (from Kinokuniya in Sydney). Used new embroidery pen. Worked out how new $3 hoop worked. Sat for 3 hours of extremely drawn out tv - stitched dog.
Summary: the Japanese are exceptionally stylish crafters! This book is so inspirational - Mr Redhead couldn't believe that I had a HOOP and was stitching. The designs are fantastic - I'm hoping one day to transform my own. I couldn't work out how to trace the book onto the fabric - so became a human photocopier - enlarging and copying their dog design.
Big tip: when using the 'assistant marker A' the violet end that reads ' disappears spontaneously..' read spontaneously as 3-5 minutes - thus enabling half a tail on previously mentioned dog.

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