Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sausage dog or sushi?

Aah Sundays. Today was going to be my creative day after various days out and about and oh yes, working, today I was going to get out a project or two. But first had four kids after Saturday night sleepover - which went well - until Elvie (the big fluffy white cat) wee-ed all over one of the guest's bedding. Damn! was a word I didn't use. Then I finished off some Charlies ) find out more about that this week. Then I did a stock take of what I had. HHmm.
Add lunch for 6.
Dinner for 5.
Australian Idol final 2.
Escaping Marmie (the tortoiseshell cat).
A few hours later my projects didn't quite happen.

BUT here's what Miss Redhead whipped up while I was counting out cards 'n' stuff.
He has interchangeable hats. This is his Japanese wig complete with Californian Rolls.

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