Sunday, November 18, 2007

Close knit community

Last week when I was in Brisbane I was lucky enough to meet an amazing person: Samantha, who is just on the verge of her own huge handcrafted wave.
Samantha is the humble brains behind a project entitled Biddy Bags. Which are these perfect sized, incredibly unique, handcrafted, must-own-one handbags.
Samantha selects the recycled/vintage fabric and the yarn and off it goes to the 'Biddy's' to create!

Samantha’s concept is ‘to utilise the skills of women through craft, for economic participation and social networking. A Biddy Bag is created with beautiful, handmade pieces of crochet, interwoven with fabric to create original and one-off handbags, each with an individual design and colour. Printed on the inside pocket of every bag is the story of its maker.’ “I would go to the markets and see tables full of handmade and crocheted creations which would have taken hours of time and effort to create, but they were being sold for next to nothing.'

So I just had to bring you this bit of news early as they are launching Biddy Bags this week on the 22nd of Nov at the Woody Point (Brisbane) crochet club. Which involves high tea and crochet with their patron Sarah Blasko (amazing singer/songwriter).

I’ll definitely have another post about Biddy Bags but how cool is my ‘Audrey’ pictured here. Nice to know that it’s an Audrey because Audrey made it – not some clever marketing ploy to make dollars for a big company – as part of the sale of each bag goes to the ‘retired’ women who created them. Perfect, yet charming.


mixtapezine said...

just did a little mention on you! love both the zines we ordered and thanks a bunch for all the extras. I'm a BIG fan of the owl postcard.

marianne said...

love the bag , love the concept...but can I buy one online?? And I agree- Sarah Blasko is amazing- my brother works with her and so I am always lucky enough to get incredible seats to her Sydney shows.

Dudley Redhead said...

Once they launch I think the web will be up and running - otherwise if you click that link to their home page you can email Samantha that question - to get the latest! they are gorgeous in real life - I enjoy the experience of carrying mine!


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