Friday, November 30, 2007

Just a little trumpet

I just had to share my joy at having my owls mentioned on print + pattern. It's such a great blog - you really feel like you're cruising down the high street having a little design retail therapy.. and the high street can vary from London to Japan. It's definitely one to visit regularly... even just to see the collection of many owls.. more than mine, obviously.
oh but I have now got a few more in stock...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Show and tell

Me on Sunday morning: "yay! finally a day of creating. What should I do? Computer illo? NO, not good for rapidly increasing rsi on right hand. Sewing? Hhhm, maybe. Painting? no can't get to shed desk - too messy. Embroidery? Yeah - maybe later. So - worked on new designs that were digital. (more of those another blog). Did household chores. The final of Australian Idol loomed. Got out new AMAZING Japanese embroidery book (from Kinokuniya in Sydney). Used new embroidery pen. Worked out how new $3 hoop worked. Sat for 3 hours of extremely drawn out tv - stitched dog.
Summary: the Japanese are exceptionally stylish crafters! This book is so inspirational - Mr Redhead couldn't believe that I had a HOOP and was stitching. The designs are fantastic - I'm hoping one day to transform my own. I couldn't work out how to trace the book onto the fabric - so became a human photocopier - enlarging and copying their dog design.
Big tip: when using the 'assistant marker A' the violet end that reads ' disappears spontaneously..' read spontaneously as 3-5 minutes - thus enabling half a tail on previously mentioned dog.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bag one now!

It's official BiddyBags are up and running and online now! It's such a wonderful community idea and a project that deserves to succeed.
Check them out - as they won't be in the shops.
See earlier post for more details if you've just clicked in.

Dog-gone it.

Here he is. It's Charlie! He appeared from my fingertips one night. I think he deserves to be taken for a walk right away. I made a few more more - but only a few - because guess what? they are really fiddly and extremely labour intensive! He has matching notecards - a pic of himself on one of his little journeys...

The lovely Sally has him exclusively over at Georgie Love.
It is the season to be jolly, after all.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Trumpets blowing, well mine anyway.

I was trying to work out how to limit my computer time during the evenings and perhaps limit blogging or 'surfing' to a couple of nights a week. But then this happened ... I'm sooooo happy and have to have a few secret smiles... oh and tell you about it!
Firstly the lovely Sally at Georgie Love has been so supportive of Dudley that has been really encouraging. Her online shop is an ecclectic mix of loveliness and her enthusiasm adds to the shopping experience - a little voice to advise you with your purchases! Then, just as I was enjoying mixtapezine which is a zine about making time for the small things! it's pages are a collision of craft, eco-cool and pop culture kitsch! There I am. Yay!
Then just as I package up the last of my stocks to send off ... I see myself on the beautiful Indie art & design blog which features products made by independent Australian artists, designers & craftspeople. Then out of the blue a real live shop in Victoria: In the Woods asked for a little Dudley.
I love making things but sometimes you do wonder what is it all for - but having a few people notice you makes me feel like it's more than just my desk/s. So thanks everyone!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Close knit community

Last week when I was in Brisbane I was lucky enough to meet an amazing person: Samantha, who is just on the verge of her own huge handcrafted wave.
Samantha is the humble brains behind a project entitled Biddy Bags. Which are these perfect sized, incredibly unique, handcrafted, must-own-one handbags.
Samantha selects the recycled/vintage fabric and the yarn and off it goes to the 'Biddy's' to create!

Samantha’s concept is ‘to utilise the skills of women through craft, for economic participation and social networking. A Biddy Bag is created with beautiful, handmade pieces of crochet, interwoven with fabric to create original and one-off handbags, each with an individual design and colour. Printed on the inside pocket of every bag is the story of its maker.’ “I would go to the markets and see tables full of handmade and crocheted creations which would have taken hours of time and effort to create, but they were being sold for next to nothing.'

So I just had to bring you this bit of news early as they are launching Biddy Bags this week on the 22nd of Nov at the Woody Point (Brisbane) crochet club. Which involves high tea and crochet with their patron Sarah Blasko (amazing singer/songwriter).

I’ll definitely have another post about Biddy Bags but how cool is my ‘Audrey’ pictured here. Nice to know that it’s an Audrey because Audrey made it – not some clever marketing ploy to make dollars for a big company – as part of the sale of each bag goes to the ‘retired’ women who created them. Perfect, yet charming.

Sausage dog or sushi?

Aah Sundays. Today was going to be my creative day after various days out and about and oh yes, working, today I was going to get out a project or two. But first had four kids after Saturday night sleepover - which went well - until Elvie (the big fluffy white cat) wee-ed all over one of the guest's bedding. Damn! was a word I didn't use. Then I finished off some Charlies ) find out more about that this week. Then I did a stock take of what I had. HHmm.
Add lunch for 6.
Dinner for 5.
Australian Idol final 2.
Escaping Marmie (the tortoiseshell cat).
A few hours later my projects didn't quite happen.

BUT here's what Miss Redhead whipped up while I was counting out cards 'n' stuff.
He has interchangeable hats. This is his Japanese wig complete with Californian Rolls.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Robots. Why not?

Once again, have I told you how I love getting mail? Yes, well these arrived from the printers today. Yipeee indeed. I did the paintings for last years Great Escape Festival in Sydney. They were part of a retro series. I had them professionally scanned - then I added a wee bit digitally. But the printing is awesome - you can see all the original texture and everything. I think they'd look great framed too!
Much more affordable. Anyway I just listed them in my Etsy shop.

The bonus is the one with the cool brooch - is it just me that thinks he is irresistible?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the trip

So Miss Redhead and I had a couple of days in Brisbane - with a side trip to Byron. Brisbane has always had a bit of a 'daggy' side to it compared to the trendy and stylish Sydney and Melbourne. But times are a changin'. It was great using the river to get into Southbank which is home to the museums, galleries and cafes. Note the bright blue skies in all these shots.

Unfortunately the highlight of the visit to GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) was the shop. Mainly due to the fact that they are madly preparing for their Warhol exhibition - opening next month - which will be massive! So minimal art on walls. Definitely check your diary.

So it was my first trip to Byron Bay - the beach even though wet, did look amazing - so clean and right there!
The shops were a little more serious and structured than I had imagined, I did find it hard to find cool stuff.
One little gem of interest was Lalo Treasures - made by a resin jeweller in Israel, bright colours but an unexpected find. The other colourful pic here is from the Flying Goolie studio who do garden sculpture using metal, I would've liked to have seen more but it seems that the idea of a separate Industrial Estate turning into an arts complex hadn't really taken off.
I think I did always carry my camera before the whole blogging thing - but it for me it really adds to the trip - as often I'm moving fairly quickly .. so it's great to have the visual memories and really enjoy it later too!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So where have I been?

I just had a lovely few days off visiting my sister in Brisbane. Naturally I have more to tell you, however I've just been packaging up some orders and must sleep. That whole border crossing time zone thing can confuse you...
Anyway - check this out. We came across an exhibition of sculpture artist Terry Summers. How cool! Using waste cardboard Terry's work had a whimsical side but was also quite captivating. Not to mention questions like "How?"
It's currently showing at the Tony Gould Gallery at QPAC South Bank. What a treasure find that was. Just not the shiny kind.

this sculpture pictured was probably 1.6m

Sunday, November 4, 2007

What was I thinking?

Yes, there were other things I think I could have done today. But getting out the '0' brush and painting these 3 seemed to be what I was compelled to do. I wanted to explore something - but ended up thinking the curly head ones were a waste of time and prefer the black one. Before you comment on the dodgy painting - here is a pic that gives them scale.

I dunno.


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