Sunday, October 14, 2007

week one: new things

Hoooo likes owls? der! So in case you were wondering, the rest of week one was spent taking the kids to see movies: "The Seeker" - a bit predictable and too tidy for me, but great for the nine year olds - bit too scary and confusing for the under eights. "Underdog" - very cute, good humor - lots of fun. Bit of swimming, haircuts and jigsaw puzzles. Then I made these brooches and the owl in the middle is a fridge magnet. I've been trying to justify 'collecting' - you know when you buy bits but are not really sure exactly what you are going to do with them? Well it totally works - because then when you have an idea you actually have the bits! These are now in my Etsy shop, but also decided to give made it a go - and thought I'd just concentrate on owls here.

Also caught up on movies for me: "The Science of Sleep" - it was so wonderful - one character who kind of just constantly switches from dreams and reality - and his neighbor who makes amazing stuff. Like when they discuss a boat she has made and how she can put a forest in it. I tell you it's worth watching for the felt objects.
Also saw "Paris, Je t'aime" which is an amusing set of separate stories about people, love and Paris. Aaaaaaah.

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