Sunday, October 7, 2007

Holiday: day one

So the first day of holidays was about 35 degrees. But Miss Redhead and I went to check out the Hope Street Spring market in Surry Hills. What was there was good - but perhaps the next one before Christmas will be a little bigger - as it was over a bit quick. Pictured here is me (sometime later having a stop, survive, revive, coffee), my favorite made by white items (they had a stall at Hope St) and have an online store. The wind-up owl was a much appreciated freebie from the People Like Us collective, who rightly believe in the t-shirt as an art form.
The day ended with a night out with Mr Redhead and the latest Bourne movie, wouldn't you like to say to the kids: c'mon! we need to get mobile - round up the vehicles!'


dizzyjadey said...

Oops, I thought it was next weekend. Dang! Looks like it was good....Also loving your swap goodies with Tiel. I haven't forgotten your PIF package. Hang tight, I'll be letting you know when I'm ready soon.

red_swirl said...

So little 2 year old came home with that same owl the other night, her Dad had taken her out late night shopping ... it's like 6 degrees of separation or something;)


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