Sunday, October 28, 2007

Crochet & emus

"You're going to learn to crochet - like in Alice in Wonderland, with the emus?"
"No, it's croquet. A ball, stick and mini goal post".
So that was a little bit of our Sunday, myself and Miss Redhead (or red legs). The Sydney Croquet Club were having an open day so we took our plate of food and dropped in. Basically I'm not you're sporting type. Balls, teams etc not really my thing. However, during the first 2 minutes of the explanation - the word "aggression" was used in terms of hitting the ball. Which dispels the myth of people dressed in white delicately tapping balls across the lawn. So I quite enjoyed it. The strategies worked - like 'whack the other teams ball out the way'. All the members were very generous with their time and patience although not quite sure why several of us had cameras to play croquet. At least we didn't bring wool.

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