Sunday, October 28, 2007

Altered book, part one

The dreaded day had dawned ... what? oh.. um.. I mean excitedly the day for the 'altered book' swap arrived. So the idea is you source a second hand book, alter the cover, create a sign in area - set up the rules - if any, then 'alter' a spread of the book. You can do anything or respond to the subject itself. So I've had this book for a while and it had begun to disappear under lots of other stuff on my desk. As you may have experienced it can be tricky deciding just what project to work on in one's limited time. Anyway - we had to swap them today. Yesterday I was going to bow out of the project. Can't think of anything, can't do it, no, no, no. THEN hey! sleep, dreams, bit of a theme started to emerge. The original title is "Daisy can't sleep", Daisy being a cow. Now here's the freaky part - after producing the above yesterday afternoon - I discovered the other main character in the book is called: DUDLEY! true. cue the scarey music.
Anyway - I was passed the talent Shelbyville's altered book. WOW. Here's what she has put together - altho it didn't come with tweezers or a 0000 brush. (it's 50mm x 35mm). Hmm.


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