Monday, October 29, 2007

Jingle bells - yeah right..

Most asked question in my house: "Is there any post?" Today there was! yipee.
Now I can list my bit for the festive season.. a set of 5 postcards with 5 button badge gift tags. Inspired by old children's book illustrations I painted and stamped and cut and designed this image. They are professionally printed on gloss card and the texture of the paint is visible.
Any thoughts from the crowd - or you two over there?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

woo hoo, twit woo!

YaY! I'm excited to finally list my first 'professionally printed' cards.
I've put together a mini pack. Not sure of the response I'll get from out there. But I like them.
Now in my Etsy and Madeit shops.

Altered book, part one

The dreaded day had dawned ... what? oh.. um.. I mean excitedly the day for the 'altered book' swap arrived. So the idea is you source a second hand book, alter the cover, create a sign in area - set up the rules - if any, then 'alter' a spread of the book. You can do anything or respond to the subject itself. So I've had this book for a while and it had begun to disappear under lots of other stuff on my desk. As you may have experienced it can be tricky deciding just what project to work on in one's limited time. Anyway - we had to swap them today. Yesterday I was going to bow out of the project. Can't think of anything, can't do it, no, no, no. THEN hey! sleep, dreams, bit of a theme started to emerge. The original title is "Daisy can't sleep", Daisy being a cow. Now here's the freaky part - after producing the above yesterday afternoon - I discovered the other main character in the book is called: DUDLEY! true. cue the scarey music.
Anyway - I was passed the talent Shelbyville's altered book. WOW. Here's what she has put together - altho it didn't come with tweezers or a 0000 brush. (it's 50mm x 35mm). Hmm.

Crochet & emus

"You're going to learn to crochet - like in Alice in Wonderland, with the emus?"
"No, it's croquet. A ball, stick and mini goal post".
So that was a little bit of our Sunday, myself and Miss Redhead (or red legs). The Sydney Croquet Club were having an open day so we took our plate of food and dropped in. Basically I'm not you're sporting type. Balls, teams etc not really my thing. However, during the first 2 minutes of the explanation - the word "aggression" was used in terms of hitting the ball. Which dispels the myth of people dressed in white delicately tapping balls across the lawn. So I quite enjoyed it. The strategies worked - like 'whack the other teams ball out the way'. All the members were very generous with their time and patience although not quite sure why several of us had cameras to play croquet. At least we didn't bring wool.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Art and about

Sorry it's been a bit empty all week, but well I guess that's what going back to work does for you. I have been working on my first 'altered book 'project this afternoon - but will post that tomorrow night after the swap...
So last night I did make it to ART sydney which is open until 5pm Sunday 28th October.
Well it was smaller than last year and sad to say a lot of the upcoming artists and affordable works on paper seem to have almost disappeared. Here's one of the few refreshing artists i found:

These are 3 works by Jane Fontane who is represented by United Galleries
Jane Fontane is a recent COFA graduate who majored in print making. Her multi colour screen prints are inspired from the innocence of child hood and the carry over effects it has on the adult mind. She won the end of year Print making award at COFA in 2006. Then from there I headed to the "off the wall" which was a gallery space for emerging artists - entry was via a submission to a panel. Here's one of my faves:

Beanies in Beijing by Penny Burnett.
It's always worthwhile seeing what's out there - but I have to say I do enjoy the art at Etsy - works on paper without the hobknobbing.
Pop back tomorrow ... see you then.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Went bush

The last few days we've been away - camping. The middle shot was the taken after dinner the first night - what a view. I booked a 'powered site' thinking obviously that we'd have something to plug in - however that didn't really get thought through - so we just ended up with a gorgeous view and sounds of the waves. But next time - we might just sneak in the toaster, electric kettle and a light... I restrained from packing any craft materials and managed quite well doing nothing except: reading, sleeping, swimming, eating, lying, a few goes on the water slide and a few rounds of 'secret code'. Back to work tomorrow, sigh.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A quick note

So yesterday - a scorcher in Sydney: 36 degrees. I pysched myself into an early morning start. Dropped the junior drummer and clarinet player at band practice 7.40am. Headed to the beach had a bit of a walk - then braced myself for the first ocean pool swim for the season! Let's just say I wasn't sure if my heart was still working for a lap, it was so cold... But it did feel good by the time I was having the coffee looking out at the ocean. Something to remember when I'm back at my desk next week.
Then I came back and made this journal cover for a friends birthday. Decided I could cut up one of my favourite Japanese fabrics ... for a minute there it was looking a bit 'overly country' - but I think it looked ok in the end. Has handy pocket at the back ... what do you think? Mr Dudley said I should've backed it so it was stiff?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

week one: new things

Hoooo likes owls? der! So in case you were wondering, the rest of week one was spent taking the kids to see movies: "The Seeker" - a bit predictable and too tidy for me, but great for the nine year olds - bit too scary and confusing for the under eights. "Underdog" - very cute, good humor - lots of fun. Bit of swimming, haircuts and jigsaw puzzles. Then I made these brooches and the owl in the middle is a fridge magnet. I've been trying to justify 'collecting' - you know when you buy bits but are not really sure exactly what you are going to do with them? Well it totally works - because then when you have an idea you actually have the bits! These are now in my Etsy shop, but also decided to give made it a go - and thought I'd just concentrate on owls here.

Also caught up on movies for me: "The Science of Sleep" - it was so wonderful - one character who kind of just constantly switches from dreams and reality - and his neighbor who makes amazing stuff. Like when they discuss a boat she has made and how she can put a forest in it. I tell you it's worth watching for the felt objects.
Also saw "Paris, Je t'aime" which is an amusing set of separate stories about people, love and Paris. Aaaaaaah.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Holiday: day three

Last week Mr R looked after the kids - this week it's my turn. First we drew up the chart to plan our week - this also involved plotting the weather, play dates, movies, the car being serviced and therefore bus timetables. An information gathering exercise for Mr R junior - who shortly after retreated to his custom designed cupboard to do more of his 'mens'. (1/35 scale army models). While Miss R made us pancakes, tackling the big FLIP as she went. Then there was a bit of chalk (but we are not without vices so being normal nine year olds their 'quiet time' was a bit of Club Penguin and playstation - just so you get the total picture).
While I (in between facilitating various activities) stitched away and Dudley the softie appeared just in time to hear who was in the bottom three (Australian Idol). Surely Marty should be released...
I must say I quite like how Dudley turned out - my initial thought was to sell them in my shop - but who has that amount of time?! so will need to develop 'Dudley - the basic model'.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Holiday: day one

So the first day of holidays was about 35 degrees. But Miss Redhead and I went to check out the Hope Street Spring market in Surry Hills. What was there was good - but perhaps the next one before Christmas will be a little bigger - as it was over a bit quick. Pictured here is me (sometime later having a stop, survive, revive, coffee), my favorite made by white items (they had a stall at Hope St) and have an online store. The wind-up owl was a much appreciated freebie from the People Like Us collective, who rightly believe in the t-shirt as an art form.
The day ended with a night out with Mr Redhead and the latest Bourne movie, wouldn't you like to say to the kids: c'mon! we need to get mobile - round up the vehicles!'

In the mail box...

So better than the inbox is the mailbox. I always loved receiving 'post' as a child, and these days are no different. So the idea of 'the swap' in this crafting community is fantastic. I must admit I was nervous,
what to include?
how much?
what kinda stuff?
would it be good enough - equal!?
everyone is sooooo talented so
what do you make that they can't do themselves???
That's the big question.. so this is what I sent off:

And this is just some of what the lovely and very generous Tiel from tsk tsk sent me, which I absolutely love.

In the inbox...

How cool are these guys? While wrestling with the 'handmade is good' philosophy, sometimes there's also just cute stuff! These are Emotibuds - they clip onto your earphone buds. So you can be the cranky commuter trying to block out the surrounding inane convo's of people who think you want to hear every detail of their lives. They're available via Robio in Melbourne - who also have an online store.
But hey! I'm now on holidays so cranky commuter no more.


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