Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not to be ...zine

Last week was madly spent (at night - due to day job..) preparing for the Twilight Zine Fair at Sydney Uni. With a big thank you to the talented Shelbyville who encouraged me to participate and kindly let me share her space. So to recap: at 3pm the skies were black and Sydney had a massive storm. At 5pm I was on my way - stock in backpack glad that paper was my friend and items were light. At 5.30pm we set up. At 5.35pm there were huge gusts of wind and screams as zines went flying. At 6.ish we were in the dark and freezing.

I think it was a good experience. Just unfortunate that not many people seemed to know about it.The fair or zines. That and the fact the contractors seemed to forget the lighting, eventually the fairy lights were plugged in - but not exactly good for detail yer fairy light. A couple of onlookers resorted to their mobile phones in an attempt to see something.
Oh well. some stock for my Etsy site. And back to what ever I was doing earlier...
what was I doing earlier?

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