Thursday, September 20, 2007

A day of discovery indeed

So working as I do on a magazine I find myself often 'flicking' through many a glossy page in the name of inspiration and research.The name davidmetnicole constantly pops up in the stockist or shopping pages, well - finally I made it there (all of 15mins from my desk, I know). Their presentation of assorted items from lights, snow globes,printers blocks, scrabble tiles, leather pouches, plywood letters is amazing. But be warned - try to pick a quiet moment - as unless you have pipe cleaner legs -you will be squashed. A great place to buy gifts and see proof of: the more you have of something - the better it looks!

My little purchase here - was beautifully wrapped - and reminded me of one of the reasons I enjoyed shopping so much in Japan - it's the total experience.

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