Monday, September 3, 2007

Book shelf

I just wanted to share the highlight of last weeks' daily commute to the city, while stuck in traffic I read the Crafter's Companion' by Anna Torborg. Which did actually bring tears to my eyes! Essentially it is a collection of interviews with craft bloggers - where they talk about why they create, their inspiration and share their workspace pics and a project each. (Which is fab voyeuristic stuff - ooo loook at that desk! aaah that fabric, Oh! I have that!)
Such quotes like: (blogging)"gives me a way to contribute to the big show-and-tell. ..not just to get feedback, but to feed me visually as well. The only thing I need to be careful of is being online too much and knowing when to turn off the computer." - Amy Karol

All the interviews are great reading, all those years I've felt 'slightly odd' (well more than slightly sometimes) - now I know I'm a crafter - that's all. They all shared stories of how they discovered craft. For me it was my parents turning the old kitchen of our English semi-detached house into 'THE CRAFT ROOM". Seriously. We all had desks and everything, Dad was teaching himself gold and silver smithing, Mum did enameling, painted cards and pebbles. My sister and i just stuck bits together, sketched and shared the experience.
So just to form more of Miss Redhead's craft beginnings I decided to teach her how to follow a pattern. (it was in Japanese - so we just followed the pictures). She wanted to make adjustments - I thought we should follow the pattern as a lesson - but I did agree she could do her own face design.
Miss Redhead made the cat, Mama Dudley did the monkey.. Can't wait for the long weekend. (the only benefit of APEC).

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Claire Falkingham said...

Thanks for sharing, will keep an eye out for this book.


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