Sunday, August 5, 2007

Not so lazy Sundays...

I'd been dying to do this all week.... ( ok - but I did see people yesterday, and I did leave the area to see "As it is in heaven" which was beautiful and one of those movies that stays with you for a few hours. The kids were busy with Harry P. books, soundtrack and sheet music, friends, megabots and sleepovers). So I made these 'art brooches'. No super glue issues this time. I think they will go on to Etsy after my tofu (dinner).


Alistair&Kate&Milan said...

Hello! if it wasnt for you I wouldnt have known..... ta very much. Hoping to meet you end of August? I will be the one covered in cake crumbs. Am jealous you have a shed, Kate

Claire Falkingham said...

Love these, so cute and original!


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