Sunday, August 5, 2007

Missing: BOB

A fellow blogger put me onto Illustration friday, mainly because last weeks' theme was 'moon' so I uploaded my 'full moon headspin' doodle. Then I felt bad because everyone else was obviously a 'proper' illustrator. Anyway then I decided it was a good warm up exercise (better than hamstring stretches) for the days creative work. This weeks' theme is 'missing'. I think I've gone with the bleeding obvious but here it is. Out of my system.


dizzyjadey said...

Hey! I'm not a "proper" illustrator...maybe an artist-in-waiting??? Its just a good way of practicing and getting feedback. Love your take on the theme. Still have think one up myself. :-)

imwithsully said...

hmmm! Great minds think alike ... or just come up with the obvious to save time sometimes! :) Great blog!


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