Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dudley leaves the area

The rain set in this weekend in Sydney, but not to worry there was some good snooping to be had. First at the Young blood Designer Markets held (every 6 months-ish) at the Powerhouse Museum. A great vibe - little bit squishy, but cool to see what people have been up to in the privacy of their own studios/loungerooms/spare bedroom. One of my favs was bencke whose doll image is above - check out her website for her Paris dolls - made from searching amongst Parisian sweatshop trash (hmmm). She also did a great exhibition featuring 223 of these type of dolls. WOW. Then there were the rebound journal guys - the old book cover spiral bound into must have journals. Very nice.
My other quick mention goes to Lola and Bailey whose beautiful 'curly' pendant is shown above. Featuring a fictional romance between two characters their designs are more than just beautiful neckpieces. The curly items were named 'Broadhurst', 'Morris'etc which was a nice touch.

Then over to THE Mitchell Road Auction House Centre, (Alexandria, Sydney). Personally if I have to read another magazine caption which goes something like: 'a treasured secondhand find' I will get nauseous. However, finally I made it to this place (having tideously heard sooo much about it) and absolutely loved it. A good start was the coffee and spinach/ricotta muffin - useful in providing much needed focus. I am saving some items for later posts - here's a quick snapshot:

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Claire Falkingham said...

I'm glad to hear they are still open, I've got many a '2nd hand treasure' in my place from years ago.


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