Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The 3 bears do some visiting

This is my effort for illustration friday's 'visitors' theme. My first thoughts were cupcakes and aliens. Then I thought of this. I like the idea but am not entirely happy with the execution. Painted bears probably would've been better. But I do like the idea of big creeping grizzlys!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dudley goes out, again

On my way out today I stopped at Bondi to check out the markets. In brief:
1) felt great when I finally found out how to get IN to those beach front parking bays.
2) felt really frustrated when none of the parking meters took my card
3) felt lucky having time out to walk round the markets in the winter sun
4) felt relieved not to have been booked
5) felt dumb when stepping in dog sh*!t to photograph cute groups of men above.

So in the last few weeks I've come out of from behind the computer and actually met real people that I've come across via Etsy or craft/art blogs. So far it's been great - it makes me realise how we all get so 'stuck' in our usual groups of friends - but what I appreciate is the opportunity to meet people who love spending time doing and making things as part of their daily lives.
Ok enough, back into cyberspace...

Friday night stitch

It ocurred to me the other day that I needed some cards that have my Etsy shop address and this blog site so when actually talking 'live' to someone I can pass on where to find me all day and night. Then after having created those - I didn't have anywhere to put them! I know. So obviously I had to make one (had the fabric and felt, tick). Had to find out how to do a snap fastener and cover a button... so that was my Friday night.
Oh - then seeing the machine still out on Saturday morning I ended up with this....
not the most inspirational shot - but just in case you were wondering if I've been doing anything at all other than working, attempting to use (Sydney) public transport and reading two-thirds of Deathly Hallows out-loud to the kids.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dudley leaves the area

The rain set in this weekend in Sydney, but not to worry there was some good snooping to be had. First at the Young blood Designer Markets held (every 6 months-ish) at the Powerhouse Museum. A great vibe - little bit squishy, but cool to see what people have been up to in the privacy of their own studios/loungerooms/spare bedroom. One of my favs was bencke whose doll image is above - check out her website for her Paris dolls - made from searching amongst Parisian sweatshop trash (hmmm). She also did a great exhibition featuring 223 of these type of dolls. WOW. Then there were the rebound journal guys - the old book cover spiral bound into must have journals. Very nice.
My other quick mention goes to Lola and Bailey whose beautiful 'curly' pendant is shown above. Featuring a fictional romance between two characters their designs are more than just beautiful neckpieces. The curly items were named 'Broadhurst', 'Morris'etc which was a nice touch.

Then over to THE Mitchell Road Auction House Centre, (Alexandria, Sydney). Personally if I have to read another magazine caption which goes something like: 'a treasured secondhand find' I will get nauseous. However, finally I made it to this place (having tideously heard sooo much about it) and absolutely loved it. A good start was the coffee and spinach/ricotta muffin - useful in providing much needed focus. I am saving some items for later posts - here's a quick snapshot:

Illustration Friday: Captain

So here it is participation piece no.4...
I wrestled with my inner voice last week on whether to post or not, whether it was good enough or not.. blah blah.. BUT thank you so much everyone who took the time to leave a comment, it was very encouraging.
When I got this weeks' topic I immediately thought 'too hard - same old ship type stuff' then I doodled this. . . hope it doesn't break any rules...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rabbit on

Before the excessive sleeping of last weekend I started on a theme and -went with it. My nephew is about to turn 3 and is the keenest soccer dude I know. (he could even kick a ball to me at 18mths!) Not that I have a great deal of sporting equipment round here at this crafty house.. So here's the set..
Now despite wanting to avoid the second zodiac reference in a week ..Maybe I have a Sun in Gemini? Why do I have all these different styles? Does anyone see a common thread to my offerings - that they could shed some light on this weeks cunundrum? I know Global warming is an issue, but ...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Emergency illo

So am feeling a little better - but back at work. In between reading Harry (out loud) every night to the nine-year-olds, I just wanted to play around with an idea for this weeks' Illustration Friday theme: Emergency.
Inspired by old style childrens' illustration I thought I'd just play in Photoshop. I considered gouache but maybe another time. I could keep going but.. it was just a quick play.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

New parts

I don't usually tell people how i feel (maybe it's the Aquarian in me - or just not wanting to bore others..) But with a blog, momentary absence seems like a needs a bit of explanation.
So didn't do much this weekend. Came home from work feeling dizzy and generally crap. Slept a bit (also unusual) It made me think of this - how it would be great just to get new body parts - like lego. Hope you all had a good weekend. The kids won a silver award at their first school band comp. so that was an uplifter.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Listening to...

So while you've all been sitting quietly, I have been listening to Bic Runga ( a gal from New Zealand) reasonably loud. I downloaded it yesterday morning (no need to leave the area). It's wonderful, I was thinking of how to describe it (obviously you can go to her site), I decided that 'sway music' sums it up in one sense - I mean that in a good way. 'Ruby nights' features Neil Finn - and a lovely bit of drums, while 'say after me' is also beautiful.

Not so lazy Sundays...

I'd been dying to do this all week.... ( ok - but I did see people yesterday, and I did leave the area to see "As it is in heaven" which was beautiful and one of those movies that stays with you for a few hours. The kids were busy with Harry P. books, soundtrack and sheet music, friends, megabots and sleepovers). So I made these 'art brooches'. No super glue issues this time. I think they will go on to Etsy after my tofu (dinner).

Work in progress: part 2

Here is what happened after I applied an encaustic finish (melted wax) to the owl and rabbit on board works. Then I got out the oils. So should I have stopped at phase one? A case of command 'z' (undo) or save do you think?
Note: this visual is a scan - hopefully they look better in reality.

Missing: BOB

A fellow blogger put me onto Illustration friday, mainly because last weeks' theme was 'moon' so I uploaded my 'full moon headspin' doodle. Then I felt bad because everyone else was obviously a 'proper' illustrator. Anyway then I decided it was a good warm up exercise (better than hamstring stretches) for the days creative work. This weeks' theme is 'missing'. I think I've gone with the bleeding obvious but here it is. Out of my system.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Day off

So last night I dreamed of my day off - walking along the beach, enjoying my morning flat white not looking at my computer screen - but the waves. Woke up to drizzle.
Dropped the kids at school then headed to the beach anyway. Pretty empty but there I am.
Continued on for a bit of a 'spook' (that means look).
Meandering through the Salvo shops I found various knitting patterns (sadly I'm only interested in the photos, my knitting skills don't extend beyond rectangles). The caption for the 50c dragon book reads: 'A muffin-munching dragon changes the fortune of some muffin making villagers.' Hmmm can't wait to get stuck into that one... (click on image to read caption)


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