Sunday, July 22, 2007

Work in progress

I know. (Another project?) But I already told you I'm a wee bit sad, and we had people over last weekend and I hardly got to do anything. Plus it's almost a full moon. So there's this. I did the sketch while Miss Redhead was having her clarinet lesson. I was sitting outside across from the oval where people were madly 'sporting' around. Now there's a gene I'm definitely missing. (In the do not have sense - not the longing one). Mr R says he like the collage - not the drawing.
My next step was going to be painting back into it to integrate and 'knockback' the collage a bit. To give it a more painterly surface. Any thoughts from the outside?

ps. I think I'm done for now - back to work in the morning. I must tell you about this book "Trust the process" an artist's guide to letting go. By Shaun Mcniff. I think it might be working...


dizzyjadey said...

Wow! You have been super busy with the crafting and the blog posting, too. I love the pencil case with the novelty zip pull your daughter made. I like this most recent collage piece you're doing. You're inspiring me to do some painting again. Its been sewing-heavy lately lately. Somehow the painting doesn't take up as much space unless its a massive canvas.....and I must trip up to Spotlight soon, too. Love that place!

Claire Falkingham said...

I like your perplexed bunny!


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