Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sew far so good...

I obviously am suffering from craft ADHD, (or am just a wee bit sad) I had an early night Friday night so I could be at Spotlight as the roller door lifted. After 30 mins and 3 trips to the counter the women who worked there were calling out 'there goes 1/2 metre lady'. Mind you, then I had to 'do' the other side: craft, beading and jewellery supplies. THEN downstairs: upholstery and furnishings. SO I came back with many projects to tackle.

First I had to make cushions (although have only completed one - plural is such a drag - going through that pain all over again). Here is how it turned out. After the Spotlight trip I remembered that I had a bit of Florence Broadhurst fabric (check out signature prints at if you haven't heard of this AMAZING talent Aussie from the 1930's) off cut that I had stashed away from a sale years ago. I think I was waiting until I had the skills to do it justice - but then last night found myself 'hacking' into it a bit. I may need to nip and tuck later.
Oh - the bench seat is a door that Mr Redhead made out of a 2nd hand door - sanded back. Not bad for his first furniture effort....

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