Sunday, July 29, 2007

Look what I found

Saturday early, ventured out to Kirribilli markets. What is it with parking 'round there. So difficult. Anyway saw the 'maimo' stall which was gorgeous, but so chilly there in the shade of the bridge. I was intending to take some pics - but I suppose sometimes you just have to 'be' instead of always thinking about what you are going to do with it next.

Anyway I found this cute scarf for $10 (altho I guess that is bad - as it's not locally handmade. But the man selling them was amusing). I also picked up an old book .. see next post.

What is it about markets? I came home compelled to 'whip up' pancakes. Scratching around for a recipe I used Jamie Olivers' American style pancakes. I had to triple it along the way for Mr, Miss and Master Redhead - but they were fantastic, so light. I was amazed. Never will I shake and pour again.

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dizzyjadey said...

Ooh, that's a gorgeous scarf! I was actually eyeing it when you were at our stall.

Thanks for popping by to say hello! We really appreciate it.


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