Saturday, July 14, 2007

Look what I found (no.2)

I popped into the quilt/craft fair at Darling Harbour last month, 'don't go into the bead area' said the voice inside my head. 'c'mon - you don't need another project', it continued. But, I just stepped up to the first stand (because surely that would be ok?). I came across these, 'Retro Circle' ceramic looking beads, from

So I got talking - foolishly they let me 'go through' their box to choose this wonderful selection (like owls' eyes, I thought). But they suggested a cool idea for putting them together .. just space them apart with knots, 3 on one end, 2 on another - then voila! drop the two ends through the loop around ones' neck. Cool!

I had actually forgotten the extremely simple instructions and was very pleased to see them at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston, Canberra.

1 comment:

marianne said...

love these beads...I avoided the bead section of the show as I didn't trust myself to be strong!I would have definitely succumbed to these...


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