Thursday, June 2, 2016

Eco dyeing workshop

Various things happened in May, lots of them involved plants.
One of my highlights was attending a 2 day ecodyeing workshop with Australian textile artist Gina Mastio. Held in the Royal Botanical Gardens, it was a wonderful experience watching the mostly foraged plant matter being transformed into colourful jars in the Autumn sunlight. The workshop looked at submersion dyes and ecoprinting with plants, here's a peak:

Gina Mastio - ecodyeing. By Tara Axford from tara axford on Vimeo.

For more info visit Gina

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Don't ask me why...

So there I was Day one of my holiday, 2 days after we turned the studio into a 'night club' to host an 18th birthday party for our twins and 80 'close' friends. I was kneading away at the fimo, maybe as some kind of therapy, who knows? I have to say some of it is pretty hard to soften up - there must be a hack for that.. Anyway.. then I took my little creations out to play.. here's how that went...
at the beach...

I'm not sure if it was successful - it was challenging to find the right spots, but also the light was so bright, I couldn't actually see what I was shooting really...
I was also keen on experimenting with the idea of 'if rust had foliage'..
 Cockatoo Island was perfect for that...

Thanks for dropping by... back to what i was doing before that... 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Wendy Whitely's Secret Garden

The other thing that seems to have happened to me - is that I'm seeking out gardens. I'm looking at plant names (although not really grasping or retaining them). Lucky for me Sydney seems to have lots of options nearby.. Wendy Whitely is known for her transformation of a piece of harbour side land - that no-one seemed to be doing anything with. I have been meaning to visit for ages.. Finally i did! Here's one of my snippets...

Wendy Whiteley's Secret garden, Lavender Bay, Sydney from tara axford on Vimeo.

For more info - there is also a book here
If you're in Sydney and fancy a tour of Lavender Bay there's one coming up in May.

finding the ephemeral

Another thing that has been featuring in my photography is trying to make ephemeral art. It could be it could be out on a walk,  it could be when it stops raining for 5 minutes, or at the bottom of the back steps,. The key thing is to work with what's there. It only takes a short time ... and then it will also be gone..

Here's a few ...

So you may get swept along with the challenges of the day, but if you create a little snapshot, (5-10minutes), chances are, you will feel like you've had a creative moment.

Postcards from a Beachcomber ...

Hhmm, so it appears some time has flown by since i was last here. Forgive me if i assume you all see my sometimes over posting on instagram, which you can view on a desktop too here.
BUT if you have missed them, well let's have a recap shall we?

In February we had a weekend in Kioala, 3hrs drive South of Sydney. I have enjoyed making 'snippet' videos.. as you may know instagram only lets you post 15secs of video, so these are edited using imovie on my iphone 6. It's basically a 2016 visual diary..

Kioala Beach, NSW from tara axford on Vimeo.

During the weekend I walked along the beach selecting a few bits and pieces.. what's nice about this, is the process... just walking along the beach taking in the sounds, the smells, the detail. I wasn't thinking about what i was going to create I just selected things that seemed interesting. Once i got back i arranged my nature table into 'like' groupings.
Then with the iphone i created little momentos of the location...

To be honest - when you arrive in a location late on the Friday night, and leave lunch time on Sunday, that does mean fast tracking one's art! So that's also why this is super, as you surprise yourself with the little art works, they can be references for future works and you can return all your finds to nature..

Why not give it a go next time you find yourself on a walk?


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